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Grain drying complex

КЗМComplex stationary grain drying

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  • Complex is designed for drying of food grains, forage grains or seeds of any cereals, legumes and oil plants. Production of grain drying complexes with dryer volume 20, 30 and 40 cubic meters is available.
  • The whole process of drying grain in complex is automated and operated by one operator.
  • Noria, dryer and heat generator, performed as independent structurally separate articles, united by common metal structures, electrical, pneumatic and control systems, are parts of grain drying complex. All the elements of grain drying complex can be adapted to local conditions under customer requirement and delivered as independent products.
  • Elevator, dryer and heat generator constructions are made of galvanized steel, which guarantees them long-term service life.
  • The air warmed in heat generator is used as drying agent. Its temperature can be adjusted within the range from 20 to 120 C degrees. Special modification of heat generator that allows to heat the air up to 300 C degrees is used for drying of oilseeds.
  • The principle of indirect coolant heating laid in the basis of heat generator functioning, which allows to eliminate completely the contact of combustion products with dried material thus provides high fire safety.
  • Straw, pressed sunflower husk, compressed sawdust, wood and other biofuels are used as fuel for complex.
DesignationКЗМ 20КЗМ 30КЗМ 40
Volume of grain being loaded for a single drying, cbm203040
Averaged performance on wheat, t / h81220
Number of drying sections, pieces234
Number of bunker sections, pieces234
Number of heat generators, pieces112
Generators' rated heat capacity, kW500500500 + 500
Air temperature at the outlet of generator, °С40 - 12040 - 12040 - 120
Fuel type Straw, pressed into bales
or rolls, pressed sunflower husk,
pellets, compressed sawdust,
wood and other biofuels.
Fuel consumption, kg / h350-400350-400700-800
Electric motors fixed capacity, kW313158
Weight, kg376148965746
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