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Wood processing equipment

Ice-cream sticks manufacturing technologyon RPA "MAGR" equipment

Low-grade roundwood (mechanical raw materials, firewood) and waste from other wood processing industries (slab, culling of parquet, etc.) could be used as starting material for production.

1 Starting material is cut to rails of any length with the sizes, given on section on band-saw machines or multipurpose carpentry machines.

2 Rails are dried on stacks up to humidity of 25-35 % under usual conditions under a canopy in the open air.

3 Rails are processed on milling machine quadripartite to shape workpieces more accurately.

4 Rails are cut to workpieces with specified length on butt-end cutting machines pendulum type. During this process sites with lacks (knots, decay) are cut out.

5 Workpieces are loaded into dryer of constant function with conveyor or manually, which is working automatically, consuming electricity. For a fee dryer can be modified to wood waste (sawdust, scraps, etc.) consumption.

6 Dry (8-16% moisture) workpieces are supplied to milling machine -4-5, on which workpieces are processed (across fiber) receiving future shapes of ice-cream stick or other product. The machine can operate with tolerances which discount possible errors of raw materials procurement and drying.

7 After that, workpieces are supplied to milling machine -3-4 and are shaped to rounded ends and cut lengthwise with kerf from 1,1 mm for ice-cream stick to 1,5 mm for toys etc.

8 Obtained final products are polished and aligned in moisture index in polishing cylinder, equipped with a blow system.

9 After polishing, if necessary, sticks are covered with thin wax (paraffin) layer in waxing cylinder.

10 Last operation - final products sorting and packing into cassettes on 50 or 100 (only plate stick) pieces in each, is performed on stick sorting and packing aggregate.

To operate
production line for ice cream sticks with productivity 50 thousands sticks per hour 12-14 persons are needed.

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