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Wood processing equipment

СЛП-6,5Band saw machine "Номинал-M"

Band saw machine is designed for lengthwise logs sawing into boards and bars.

The design of a band saw power bench is characterized with following features: reinforced saw tension unit, enlarged diameter of saw cylinders, ability to install band saw up to 50 mm width; all these options prolong the lifetime of the saw blade. Motor soft-start device, which reduces engine, saw mechanism and electric network loading at startup, is installed.

Cutting workpiece size
Height up to 1000 mm
Width up to 850 mm
Length from 1000 to 6500 mm
Number of saw blade
  1 piece
Saw blade length
  4320±110 mm
Sawing cylinder diameter
  542 mm
Sawing machinery electric motor nominal capacity
  11 kW
Lifting drive electric motor nominal capacity
  0,37 kW
An enhanced version of the well-proven band saw machine "Номинал". We hope you will appreciate the new level of quality.
Carriage drive
Saw tension
  with hydraulic control
Band saw linear velocity
  30 mps
Overall dimensions
Length 8000 mm
Width 2100 mm
Height 2250 mm
  1250 kg
1 with shifting
Machine tool is equipped with motor soft-start device
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