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Wood processing equipment

-160Frame-saw machine

New generation of multi-blade saw machines, providing high-quality, precise and cost efficiency cutting of beams into bars, boards and lamellae.

Multi-blade saw machines are designed for high-performance sawing of bars into lamellae with thickness from 4 mm and cutting line width up to 1,5 mm.

The machine is highly automated, reliable, and simple to operate and maintain. Automatic feeding of workpieces with smoothly adjustable speed is available, allowing the operator to select the optimal cutting mode. Special equipment use allows multi-blade saw machine to saw thin workpieces into lamellae. Branch pipes for connection to aspiration system are installed on machine.

  • Highly automated
  • Cutting line width up to 1,5 mm
  • The maximum number of concurrent functioning saw blades 25 pieces
  • Low power consumption
  • Minimum thickness of lamella obtained 4 mm
  • Jog-feed of workpiece
  • Multi channel saw function is available
Specifications 160
Processed workpiece dimensions
Height 40-160/70-250 mm
Width up to 300 mm
Length from 420/350-4500 mm
Number of saws (max)
  25 Pieces
Thickness of workpiece obtained (min)
  4 mm
High-quality, precise and cost efficiency cutting with low power consumption.
Feed rate
  0,5-1,5/0,2-2,0 m/min
Electric motor capacity
  15,75 kW
Overall dimensions
Height 2700/2150 mm
Width 1270/1100 mm
Length (with tables) 4650/4000 mm
  2300/4000 kg
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