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Wood processing equipment

-700Length cutting machine

Machine is designed to obtain cut lumber from unedged board and to cut lumber lengthwise.

  • Lumber sawing in two directions.
  • Ability to work with one or two saws.
  • Laser pointers allowing to supervise cutting lines are installed.
  • Sawing unit mobility and workpiece clamp availability makes it easy to configure the machine for cutting boards of a given size.
  • Dismountable frame consisting of 3 parts makes the machine portable.
Processed workpiece dimensions
Thickness 15-105 mm
Width up to 700 mm
Length 780-6500 mm
Diameter of circular saws (2 pieces)
  350 mm
Installed capacity
  15,5 kW
Saw frame clearance
  115 mm
Distance between saws
  50-400 mm
The smallest size of workpiece cut (using size stops)
  25 mm
Rotational speed of saw disks
  3400 Rpm
Feed rate
  6,12,24 m/min
Overall dimensions
Length 8100 mm
Width 1600 mm
Height 1150 mm
  830 kg
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wood processing equipment