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Wood processing equipment

-6,5Machine for cylindrical shaping of logs

Woodworking machine cylinder shaping model -6,5 is designed for all-round processing (cylindrical shaping) of logs.

Logs processed with machine are used in walling, blockhouses of different purposes building without additional adjustment. Machine for cylindrical shaping of logs is able to perform all the operations to produce ready log cabins parts: cylindrical shaping of log, excising the longitudinal stowage groove, cutting the compensatory kerf, excising the element of cross-mounting cylindrical parts - crowned cross-notch "cup".

The machine has a minimum size, weight and power consumption in comparison with other machines of similar purpose, does not require preparation of logs prior to processing. Possibility to adjust the carriage moving speed and log rotational velocity smoothly provides achievement of maximum plane surface of workpiece. The machine is able to shape conical logs, beams with variable diameter, carved timber.

Cylindrically shaped log (workpiece) diameter /maximum/
  450 mm
Diameters of cylinders obtained
  160430 mm
Log length /minimum/
  Not regulated
Log length /maximum/
  6500 mm
Transfer rate of carriage and grooving-notching head
  0,27...12,3 m/min
Feed rate adjusting
High productivity and multifunctionality at a low power consumption and small size.
Saw drive electric motor capacity
Cylinder-shaping milling cutter 220 mm
Circular saw 200 mm
Grooving-notching milling cutter 160;180;200; 220;240 mm
Notching milling cutter 260;280;300; 320;340 mm
Nominal rotation velocity of cutting tools
Cylinder-shaping milling cutter 4500 rpm
Circular saw 3000 rpm
Grooving-notching milling cutter 4200 rpm
Workpiece rotation frequency
  30;50;60;100 rpm
Workpiece rotation frequency adjusting
  Gear (in steps)
Electric motors capacity
of cylinder-shaping head 15 kW
of sawing head 2,2 kW
of grooving-notching head 11 kW
of grooving-notching head transmission mechanism 0,37 kW
of carriage transmission mechanism 0,37 kW
of log rotation 2,2/2,65 kW
Supply network parameters
  380; 50 V; Hz
Overall dimensions
Length 9700 mm
Width 1500 mm
Height 1900 mm
  2080 kg
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wood processing equipment