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Wood processing equipment

-200-160Tenoning machine

Specialized milling machine, designed for cutting cross tenons in the workpieces.

It can be used in complete with butt-end cutting machine linear type CT-350 and with press for jointing of blanks in the implementation of lengthwise jointing technology.

Workpieces are processed in batch, thus avoiding chipping during operation. Batch clip is carried with pneumatic mechanism. Tenoning machine is equipped with butt-end cutting unit to align the ends of the workpieces. Lifting and lowering of machine platen is available for obtaining of tenons pitch shifting.

Spindle diameter and milling cutter rotational speed can be changed in order to optimize machine operation mode. Branch pipes for connection to aspiration system are installed on machine. It is recommended to operate in complex with shavings waste vacuum cleaner -3200.

Milling unit spindle diameter
  401 mm
Milling cutter diameter
  from 100 to 200 mm
Milling set height
  up to 175 mm
Milling unit electric motor capacity
  5,52 kW
Milling spindle rotational speed
  5000 rpm
Butt-end cutting unit saw diameter
  350 mm
Butt-end cutting unit electric motor capacity
  3 kW
The simplicity and ergonomics.
Platen dimensions
  330600 mm
Platen lifting height
  up to 120 mm
Platen running length
  up to 1000 mm
Workpiece clip
Carriage drive
Workpiece cross-section, no more than
  165165 mm
Overall dimensions
Length 1500 mm
Width 1300 mm
Height 1650 mm
  550 kg
1 spindle diameter can be changed by agreement

2 7,5; 11 on request

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wood processing equipment