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Building equipment

Press vibrostructural multipurpose

The set is designed for the manufacture of small fragmented concrete products with volumetric vibropressing method.

Set allows to produce a large range of products based on local raw materials (slag, waste of stone quarrying, coquina, gravel, etc.):

  • Wall blocks.
  • Paving tiles.
  • Road friezes.
  • Elements of the columns, fences, lattices, trays.
  • Decorative wall materials, wall tiles.
Main priorities:
  • Production flexibility (allows you to produce a wide range of concrete products by quick-change of molds depending on the needs of the market).
  • Possibility to produce dual-layer product.
  • Possibility to work on variable modes of vibration.
  • Set functioning is managed with controller.
Dimensions of the molding zone
  1100x600x200 mm
Productivity, no less
Wall blocks 300 pieces/ hour
Paving tiles 45 m2/ hour
Molding cycle
  30100 s
Dimensions of pallet
  1200x640x40 mm
Fixed capacity
  35,8 kW
Overall dimensions
Length 10450 mm
Width 3560 mm
Height 2670 mm
  6200 kg
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