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Machine for the radius removal

-2Machine for the radius removal

Machine for the radius removal -2 is designed for the processing of lateral surfaces of straight and curved lamellas.

The machine -2 is indispensable in production of wooden furniture parts, lamellas for the base bed and details for the chair backs, etc. It is possible to use this machine for processing of plastic blanks when you change the tool.

The machine -2 is easy to install, simple in operating and maintaining. The compact design saves working place. -2 is equipped with two mills, that has removable blades. While using some simple adjustments the position of mills can be changed in order to process blanks of different width. Processing rate of lamellas is regulated by the the control panel. The machine is provided with branch pipes for connecting to the aspiration system. It is recommended to use this machine in a set with shaving waste vacuum cleaner -3200-2.

Technical characteristics
Size of the initial workpiece
Length 4501000 mm
Width 5260 mm
Depth 6,57,5 mm
Performance, not more than
  10 ppm
Feed rate of workpiece
  08 mpm
Feed rate adjustment of workpiece
Feeding the machine
Diameter of the cutting tools
  150 mm
Number of cutting tools
  2 pieces
Rated speed of cutting tools
  3000 rpm
Radius obtained on the blanks
  2,53* mm
Height of the working surface of the table
  900 mm
Installed capacity, not more
  9,1 kW
Engines power, not more than
mill 1 4 kW
mill 2 4 kW
feed drive 1 kW
Number of workplace
  1 pieces
Overall dimensions
Length 2170 mm
Width 880 mm
Height 1250 mm
  600 kg

* depends on the thickness of the workpiece

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machine for the radius removal