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Wood processing equipment

-4-5Five-spindle milling machine quadripartite

Milling machine is designed to use in complex with production line for manufacture of small-size wooden items as a machine-tool for profiling the outer surfaces of workpieces.


Dimensions of workpiece processed (on dry workpiece)
Height 14-22 (+2;-2) mm
Width 82 (+2;-2) mm
Length 85150 (+2) mm
Sides of workpiece deviation from perpendicularity 0,5 mm
Diameter of milling cutters
  200 mm
Number of spindles
  5 pieces
Rotational frequency of milling cutters
  3000 rpm
Milling cutters electric motors capacity
  21,5 kW
Feed drive electric motors capacity
  0,25 kW
The air pressure in pneumatic system, no more
  7 kg/cm2
The air pressure in pneumatic system, no more
  14/201 %
Overall dimensions of machine
Length 3300 mm
Width 1400 mm
Height 1800 mm
Weight, dry
  2000 kg
1 workpiece moisture value depends on kind of wood from which it is made.

Milling machine is part of the production line for manufacture of ice cream sticks and small wooden items

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wood processing equipment