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-4Milling machine quadripartite

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Milling machine is designed for quadrilateral processing of boards, beams and planks with the greatest cross section 130 x 50 mm.

Shape of the workpiece cross section can be rectangular and profile. Processing is carried out by milling with counter-feed method with cylindrical and profile milling tools.

The machine is equipped with 4 high-speed spindle heads with autonomous drives, allowing producing wide range of high quality multi-faceted components. The equipment is easy to install and maintain. The compact design saves working space. Branch pipes for connection to aspiration system are installed on machine.

Processed workpiece parameters
Width 25130 mm
Depth (height) 1050 mm
Workpiece length (minimum)
  5001 mm
Number of milling (knife) heads
horizontal 2 pieces
vertical 2 pieces
Spindle fixing diameters
  40 mm
Milling heads electric motor capacity
1st, 4th 42 kW
2nd, 3rd 32 kW
Spindle heads rotational speed
1st, 4th 3990 rpm
2nd, 3rd 2950 rpm
Compact, professional milling machine for mouldings production, able to produce a wide range of high-quality multi-faceted components.
Parameters of used milling tools (milling cutters)
125; 140; 160 mm
1st, 4th 150 max mm
2nd, 3rd 60 max mm
Feed rate
  3,75; 5,3; 7,5 m/min
Feed motor
capacity 1,5 kW
rotating speed 1000 rpm
Length of the front table
  1000 mm
Height of table surface above floor level
  10701090 mm
Aspiration exhaust diameter
  1253 mm
Supply network parameters
Overall dimensions
Length 2750 mm
Width 1185 mm
Height 1630 mm
  1820 kg
1 Provided that the last workpiece (satellite) should not be less than 1420 mm.

2 Motors with 5,5 and 4 kW capacity accordingly can be supplied by special request.

3 Milling machine can be supplied in complete with shavings waste vacuum cleaner produced by RPA "GC "MAGR".

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