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-3 Band saw machine

Machine is designed for cutting insulation materials: mineral and basalt wool, polyurethane, polystyrene, styrofoam and other similar materials.

  • Sawing can be performed in the semi-automatic and automatic modes. Controller "Bernecker & Rainer" (Austria) installed on the machine manages the positioning and cutting process. The human impact on the quality of the finished product is reduced due to full automation of cutting cycle and optimization of cutting modes.
  • The control system allows the machine to memorize up to sixteen typical workpiece cutting maps. Operator can minimize the system reprogramming time and increase productivity of machine by choosing one ready map version. Settings and operational control parameters are stored in nonvolatile memory of controller and saved when power is off.
  • Cutting equipment positioning accuracy on vertical is 0,1 .
  • Two saw heads with circular saws are installed on machines to align the edges of workpiece cut. One head is mobile that allows to process materials of different widths. Machine control system provides several options for cutting:
    • only with band saw;
    • with band saw and left circular saw;
    • with band saw and right circular saw;
    • with band saw and two circular saws;
  • Laser pointer installed on the machine allows you to determine the location of first cut quickly and accurately.
  • If saw technology provides the removal of mate cut, the operator can choose mode in controller menu in which the carriage will not move back, in case the operator fails to put away the workpiece part cut off. Controller receives such information through optic sensors installed on the machine.
  • It is recommended to use the machine in complete with shavings waste vacuum cleaner -3200.
Cutting workpiece size:
Height 50-1240 mm
Width 980-1240 mm
Length 3050 mm
Size of workpiece cut in one pass, in the range
  10-200 mm
Number of saw blades
  1 pieces
Saw blade width
  28-40 mm
Saw blade thickness
  0,8-1,2 mm
Saw blade length
  6160-200 mm
Sawing cylinder diameter
  645 mm
Number of circular saws
  2 pieces
Circular saw diameter / number of sawteeth
  350 / 40-50 mm/ pieces
Fixed capacity
  11,75 kW
Overall dimensions
Length 6500 mm
Width 3250 mm
Height 3300 mm
  1600 kg
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