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-200Band saw metal processing machine

Machine is designed for cutting structural shapes, pipes, solid profile out of soft alloys, nonferrous metal, construction steel, cast iron and the other materials.

Band saw metal processing machine allows cutting workpiece under angle up to 450. Accuracy and cleanliness of cut, low power consumption makes it possible to use the machine both for small industries and for serial plants.

Band saw blade velocity
  50/75/112 m/min
Saw blade dimensions
Length 2960 mm
Width 25 mm
Height 0,9 mm
Electric motor capacity
  2,2 kW
Dimensions of workpiece cut at an angle 90°
Width (max) 280 mm
Height (max) 200 mm
With a length up to 150 mm
Height (max) 280 mm
Dimensions of workpiece cut at an angle 45°
Width (max) 150 mm
Height (max) 200 mm
Placing of workpiece above floor level
  550 mm
Overall dimensions
Length 1525 mm
Width 1040 mm
Height 1600 mm
  330 kg
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