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Equipment for production and cutting of peeled veneer

For today peeling is the most common way to get veneers. It is not surprising, as the veneer products are very convenient, environmentally friendly and diverse. They include different parts for furniture, boxes and baskets for berries, fruits and vegetables, various types of packaging, matches, ice cream sticks, medical spatulas, LVL beams and plywood, blanks for joinery veneering. In addition, the production of peeled veneer implies low-waste and high-performance, it is also important in modern conditions and directly related to the size of profits.

For obtaining peeled veneer from veneer logs of hardwood and softwood peeling machines of the mark are designed. They also allow you to make peeling and cutting of veneer strips of given width simultaneously.

To improve the performance and operator comfort machines are equipped with hydraulic lift, which allows you to determine automatically the optimal rotation axis of the work piece and combine it with the rotation axis of centering shafts.

Recut machines or, as they are often called, machines for cutting veneer, are designed to divide the strip of veneer into blanks of various widths. More often they are made by "guillotine" principle: the moving belt veneer stops under the knife, which is falling and cutting it in the direct place. Guillotine for cutting veneer often do not maintain the size of the detachable work piece and work very slowly, that makes to install between peeling and dividing machines a set of multispeed, energy intensive conveyors, which occupy some space.

Machines for cutting veneer, manufactured by RPA "GC" MAGR "are made on the basis of the principle of rotary cutting, which provides fast and precise cutting of the moving veneer.

RPA"GC" MAGR "produces sets of equipment for the manufacturing and cutting of peeled veneer in two versions:

  1. Equipment for the production of peeled veneer, including a peeling machine -800, and the recut -800, are most commonly used as equipment for the production of container planks. Machines can work together and with the equipment of other manufacturers. Read more...
  2. The line for the production of peeled veneer, which includes peeling machine -1700, a conveyor-drive K-800 and the recut -1700 are often used in the initial production stage of plywood, LVL beams, workpieces for further joinery veneering. Read more...

Research and Production Association "Group of companies" MAGR "has long experience in the design and manufacture of woodworking machinery. Highly qualified personnel, modern production facilities, a phased and finish quality control, permanent feedback from customers who exploit machines - all this allow us to guarantee quality and reliability of our equipment.

The operators of aforesaid equipment do not require any special knowledge - machines are reliable and easy to use. In addition, when consumers are purchasing our equipment specialists of RPA"GC" MAGR "will hold for your staff course of initial training - the future operators will learn conditions of working on the equipment, its commissioning, installation and maintenance. More information about the equipment for production and cutting of peeled veneer can be read in the article "New from" MAGR ": equipment for production and cutting of peeled veneer."

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