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Articles about woodworking machinery

On electronic scale and not only...
Precise primary wood cutting allows us not only "cut out a couple of extra plates from billet", but also reduce the production cycle, eliminating some entire stages of production
How you should build a blockhouse...
Band-saw machines and other equipment for parts log cabins of round logs manufacture
Cheep ice-cream stick and a million turnover
Patented technology, developed by RPA "MAGR" specialists, offers a full cycle of sticks producing, starting from round wood up to the packaging of finished products.
Economical multi-blade saw machine
Frame-type multi-blade saw machines are designed for sawing beams into boards (lamellae) with high cutting accuracy and quality. Machine self-sufficiency will exceed all your expectations
Industrial parquet or the parquet industry
Parquet flooring is known from ancient time and there is no need to convince anyone about its advantages.
"MAGR" newly designed machine: equipment for peeled veneer production and splitting
Today veneer production with the subsequent manufacturing of various products from it is among most promising directions in the wood processing.
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