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Wood processing equipment

-200Device for cutting crowned cross-notch cup

Device is designed for excising the elements of cross-mounting cylindrical parts - crowned cross-notch (so called cup) in logs at building the blockhouse.

The device is designed for rapid cutting of cups at construction site or separate log cabin parts adapting at the site.

Small size and weight of the machine allow carrying it in light vehicle, not using a special transport, and always have it handy when installing the blockhouse.

Workpiece diameter
  160 mm
  180 mm
  200 mm
  220 mm
  240 mm
Saw cylinder diameter
  162 mm
  182 mm
  202 mm
  222 mm
  242 mm
Saw blade length
  2450 mm
  2510 mm
  2580 mm
  2630 mm
  2700 mm
We have developed this device functional and mobile, ensuring accuracy and quality of processing. -200 is designed for use directly at assembly site.
Saw cylinder rotation frequency, nominal
  1460 rpm
Electric motor capacity
  1.1 kW
Overall dimensions of machine
Length 1710 mm
Width 810 mm
Height 660 mm
Weight, no more
  47 kg
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wood processing equipment