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Wood processing equipment

-5Milling machine for manufacture of industrial parquet

The main advantages of the machine are maximum output of finished products from raw materials used, high accuracy and quality of the parquet boards, as well as relatively low power consumption and high productivity.

The uniqueness of this machine lies in the fact that all the operations for manufacturing of parquet boards are performed in uninterrupted circle, which eliminates the need to use additional equipment and reduces the number of personnel.

Dimensions of product received
Length 160 mm
Width 8 mm
Height 22,83 mm
Thickness of cutting line
  1,2-2,2 mm
The air pressure in the system
  37 kgf/cm2
Quantity of products, manufactured from one workpiece
  49 pieces
Feed rate of workpiece
  3-8 m/min
Fixed capacity
  50 kW
Overall dimensions
(with tables)
2750 mm
Width 1100 mm
Height 1600 mm
  2000 kg
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wood processing equipment