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Wood processing equipment

-280Machine notching fixed (machine for cutting crowned cross-notch cup)

Machine is designed for excising the elements of cross-mounting cylindrical parts - crowned cross-notch cup both perpendicular and at an angle to the axis of the log.

  1. Narrow band-saw (fretsaw) is used as cutting tool.
  2. Guiding rollers and saw tension mechanism with hydraulic control provide cutting line accuracy.
  3. Machine allows excising cups of almost any diameter in 160-280 mm range without changing of cutting tool.
  4. Small size and weight of the machine make it portable and allow you to set it near the site of manufacture or building of blockhouse.
  5. Notching machine does not need foundation and anchors, so its installation at the new place does not require prior preparation and special effotrs.
Diameters of processed logs
  160 mm
  180 mm
  200 mm
  220 mm
  240 mm
  260 mm
  280 mm
Log length minimum (no less)
  1500 mm
Saw disk diameter
  280 mm
Saw disk rotation frequency, nominal
  1500 rpm
Number of band-saws, working concurrent
  1 piece
Saw blade length
  31902,2 m/min
Saw blade nominal parameters (width pitch thickness)
  10 6 0,6 mm
Cutting speed
  21 m/s
Saw blade rotation value relatively the axis of the log
  0+45 deg.
Electric motor drive capacity
  1,5 kW
Supply network parameters
  380; 50 V; Hz
Overall dimensions
Length 2000 mm
Width 1920 mm
Height 1046 mm
  443 kg
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