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Cylindering machine

Cylindering machine for debarking logs before peeling

Woodworking Machine for cylindrical shaping of logs -2, 2 is designed for debarking logs used in future as workpieces for shelling equipment (peeling).


Technical characteristics
The length of input workpiece
  1700-2200 mm
Diameter of input workpiece
  200-400 mm
Diameter of rounded workpiece
  170-350 mm
Diameter of mill
  220 mm
Rated speed of mill
  4500 rpm
Rotational speed of workpiece
  100 rpm
Feed rate of carriage
  0,2712,3 mpm
Adjusting the feed rate of carriage
Installed capacity
  28,2 kW
Parameters of power line
  380; 50 V/Hz
Overall dimensions
Length 10500 mm
Width 5300 mm
Height 2800 mm
Weight of machine (dry)
  4000 kg
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cylindering machine