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Wood processing equipment

C-800Machine for the production of peeled veneer

Machines are designed for production of peeled veneer from deciduous and coniferous veneer logs and simultaneous splitting of veneer ribbon into stripes of necessary width.

In order to increase productivity and convenience of operator's work the machines are equipped with hydraulic lifting-and-centering device allowing to determine automatically the most optimal billet rotation axis and its alignment with centering shafts rotation axis.

Veneer required thickness between 0.5 - 5 mm is set on the machine control panel and maintained during the entire peeling cycle with electronic system to the accuracy within 0.1 mm.

Technical characteristics - 800
Diameter of workpiece
  200-630 mm
Length of workpiece
  740-840 mm
Thickness of veneer
  0,5-5 mm
  1,68 m3 /shift
Fixed power capacity
  19,5 kW
Overall dimensions
Length 3650 mm
Width 1130 mm
Height 1465 mm
  2800 kg

-800Recut - machine for splitting veneer

Designed for dividing strip veneer plank in widths from 15 to 320mm.

The required width of the plank is set by the operator at the control panel.

The feed rate may vary in the range between 9 and 78 m/min and is selected automatically with the machine. Automatic provides maximum possible speed at a given plank width.

Recut is able to process several veneer ribbons simultaneously within the limits of table width.

Rotary cutting method allows splitting of moving veneer quickly and precisely.

Technical characteristics
Size of veneer
the width, no more than 800 mm
the depth 15 mm
the length, no less than 150 mm
Number of blades
  1 piece
Width of the received planks
  15320 mm
Feed rate of veneer
  978 meters per minute
  250950 pieces/min
Fixed power capacity
  8,1 kW
Overall dimensions
Length 2500 mm
(stowed position) (1150) mm
Width 1490 mm
Height 1370 mm
(stowed position) (2200) mm
  1000 kg
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