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Wood processing equipment

-350Butt-end cutting machine linear type

Butt-end cutting machine is designed for cross cutting (butt-ends cutting) of softwood and hardwood.

Butt-end cutting machine -350 has a rigid structure and high safety level. The machine is equipped with feed and receiving table-rollers.

Receiving table is equipped with scale and mobile stop for size cutting of workpiece convenience. Branch pipes for connection to aspiration system are installed on machine. It is recommended to operate in complex with shavings waste vacuum cleaner -3200.

Processed workpiece thickness, no more than
  120 mm
Processed workpiece width, no more than
  430 mm
Table section number for stacking and moving timber in the machine of basic design
  21 Pieces
Butt-end cutting machines -350 are simple and reliable in operation, characterized by precision and cleanliness of cut.
Butt-end cutting saw dimensions
Nominal outer diameter Fixing bore diameter    
  350 mm
  32 mm
Rotational speed of saw
  3000 rpm
Saw drive electric motor capacity
  3 kW
Overall dimensions
Length 3960 mm
Width 965 mm
Height 1445 mm
  250 kg
1 under agreement with customer butt-end cutting machines ST-350 can be supplied with additional sections of feed and receiving tables.
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