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-6,5Band saw machine ""

"" is designed on the band saw machine "-M" basis and possess all its positive properties.

Industrial controller, made by famous Austrian company "Bernecker &Rainer" - firm, specialized on industrial controllers production, operates band-saw machine ""; this is the main distinctive feature of "".

Full automation of cutting cycle with the automation of the cutting modes significantly reduces the human impact on the quality of the finished product.

The significant reduction of operator's burden allows operating several machines simultaneously by one person.

The control system allows the machine to memorize up to 18 versions of typical workpiece cutting maps. Operator can minimize the system reprogramming time and increase productivity of "" by choosing one ready version.

Cutting equipment positioning accuracy on a vertical is 0.1 mm.

The carriage moving speed during cutting cycle is automatically regulated up to maximally allowed for specific conditions (such as wood density, the presence of knots, changing the work piece diameter, the state of saw blade and etc). This feature allows you to operate the machine in a sparing mode, obtaining the best performance.

Laser pointer installed on the machine allows you to determine the location of first cut quickly and accurately.

All the parameters that characterize machine functioning are displayed on a three-inch display. According to customer's wish, all information displayed on the screen and stored in "" memory, can be presented to him in a comfortable language.

Settings and operational control parameters are stored in nonvolatile memory of controller and saved when power is off.

On electronic scales and not only...

Detail information about band saw machine "" you can read in the article ""Smart" power-saw bench for the clever producer".

Cutting workpiece size
Height up to 1000 mm
Width up to 850 mm
Length up to 6500 mm
Number of saw blade
  1 piece
Saw blade length
  4320110 mm
Sawing cylinder diameter
  542 mm
Sawing machinery electric motor nominal capacity
  11 kW
Lifting drive electric motor nominal capacity
  0,37 kW
Optimal price-performance ratio. High performance and proven reliability.
Carriage drive
Saw tension
  with hydraulic control
Band saw linear velocity
  32 mps
Overall dimensions
Length 8000 mm
Width 2100 mm
Height 2250 mm
  1270 kg
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