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Building equipment

Moldsfor -100 and Triton vibropress

Due to removable forms for paving tiles vibropress can manufacture products of various shapes - from the strict "brick" to intricate and elegant "wave".

Depending on the size and shape, the number of goods produced in one cycle, ranging from two to eighteen.

s2_bord650x210x60on 2 bricks
on 12 bricks
on 12 bricks
on 12 bricks
"Old Town"
180x120x60on 8 bricks
120x120x60on 4 bricks
90x120x60on 4 bricks
"Princely Way"
213(205)x14760on 3 bricks
173(165)14760 on 3 bricks
133(125)14760on 3 bricks
95(87)14760  on 3 bricks
21011060on 10 bricks
65018060on 2 bricks
55045060on 1 bricks
55055080on 1 bricks
"Double T"
on 9 bricks
on 9 bricks
200x120x60on 12 bricks
Building bricks
25012065on 14 bricks
Building blocks for vibropress Triton
390x188x190  on 3 bricks
39018890on 6 bricks
Manufacture of molds of various types on request is available
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building equipment