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Building equipment

-200Vibropress for wall block production

Intended for the manufacture of wall and partition blocks of different emptiness on the basis of different fillings - cinder blocks, lightweight aggregate blocks, and building blocks based on the gravel, sawdust, etc.

  • Production of blocks is performed with semidry vibropressing method.
  • Molding is performed on removable trays, thereby the production area is reduced due to use of stacking method.
  • Ensures the production of wall blocks with accurate geometrical dimensions, stable characteristics of density, strength, frost resistance and water absorption.
  • Provides excellent quality of products manufactured due to vibrators, which promotes uniform compaction of molding compound.
  • Interchangeable molds allow producing building blocks of various shapes and sizes.
  • Productivity from 1100 pieces per shift is performed due to the possibility of producing two blocks in a single pressing cycle.
The square of molded articles in a single cycle, max
  0,16 m2
Pressing force, max
  2000 kgf
Supply network parameters
  380/50 V/Hz
Fixed capacity
  3,5 kW
Overall dimensions of press
Length 1130 mm
Width 1115 mm
Height 2000 mm
Overall dimensions of controller
Length 1000 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 1770 mm
  800 kg

Recommended equipment for the production of building blocks

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