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Economical multi-blade saw machine

Working with such whimsical material as wood is, - a difficult and very responsible task. It is necessary to examine the "nature" of wood you are going to work thoroughly, to find or train highly skilled personnel and to choose equipment very seriously. The latest, at first glance, seems not to be so difficult. But this is a superficial judgment.

When choosing equipment it is necessary to consider many factors:

  • price-quality ratio,
  • the possibility of broken parts replacement,
  • cutting tool maintenance and accessibility,
  • required personnel qualification level and much more.

Exactly in this context, I would like to talk about multi-blade saw machines. At that not about traditional - disk saw machines, but about frame saw machines that only appear on the Ukrainian market.

Frame-type multi-blade saw machines - it is a new step in the development of multi-blade machines. They are designed for sawing beams into boards (lamellae) with high cutting accuracy and quality.

Sometimes they are named as mini power-saw benches since exactly the principle of wood-sawing frame was used as the basis in multi-blade saw machine design: automatically moving workpiece is cut with saws, strained inside the saw frame, reciprocating motion of which, in turn, is driven with crank mechanism.

Up to 40 saw-blades can be installed to saw frame of machine. Consequently, at one cut workpiece could be divided into 40 lamellae. This compensates a relatively low feed speed, which can be adjusted from 0,5 to 1,5 m / min.

Lamella minimum thickness, which can be obtained on frame-type multi-blade saw machine, is only 2 mm. Cutting thickness is 1,4-1,6 mm instead of the usual 5-8 mm on multi-disk saw machines - respectively each cut saves 4-6 mm of wood, and the amount of waste is reduced by 4-5 times. In addition, frame-type multi-blade saw machines are relatively economical in terms of electricity consumption. On frame-type machines cutting mechanism electric motor nominal capacity is 11-22 kW depending on the model.

Different saws - bimetallic, reinforced with stellite - can be strained in the frames of multi-blade saw machines, most importantly, when choosing them, to follow the machine manufacturer's recommendations. But, generally, multi-blade saw machines manufacturers and sellers provide their customers with necessary cutting tools.

Maintenance of saws lies in their timely sharpening, which can be performed on grinding machines; this is also an advantage of the frame-type machine compared to multi-disk saw machines, grinding equipment for which is much more expensive, together with the fact that qualified saw sharpener is not easy to find. In addition, frame saws themselves are cheaper than disc saws.

In conclusion, I would like to recall about the price. "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things" - Englishmen say. Indeed, frame-type multi-blade saw machine is more expensive than multi-disk saw machine of the same class. But there is another side of the coin - frame-type machine self-sufficiency will exceed all your expectations. In addition, Ukrainian manufactures produce excellent frame-type multi-blade saw machines which price is acceptable, and lower than that of Western manufacturers in order of magnitude. So the choice is yours, gentlemen woodworkers.

So the choice is yours, gentlemen woodworkers.

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